Lunch is Too Short for Long Stories


A collection of 500-word flash fiction stores in a variety of genres.


Great with a coffee, lunch, afternoon snack or when waiting for a train.


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Intimate Lines


Contemporary woman’s fiction


Disowned by her family for drawing, Nadia chooses to remain in the background of life until her boss introduces her to Jake, a local art teacher. He rekindles not only her love of drawing, but sparks desires and emotions she is ashamed of. Rejecting the teachings of her religious background empowers her as an artist but may have consequences she cannot accept.


Due to be published – Autumn 2019

Colours of Rain


Children’s fiction


In a world where colours are only seen when it rains, April, believing in her deceased grandmother’s stories, searches for the mythical rain wizard with two friends.


Due to be published – Spring 2020

Colours of Rain. 2 docx



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