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There are many causes of stress in our society, This work of fiction highlights a few.


Headline news Wednesday 25th October 2017


Terror as Millenium Bridge collapses.

Two dead and thirteen injured after the latest terror attack in London.

‘I had just walked across the bridge when two loud explosions shattered the air.’ An eye witness reports. ‘I watched in horror as the bridge tilted. I could see people falling into the water.’

Police boats and ambulance arrived on the scene in minutes and pulled shocked victims from the Thames. ‘It’s a miracle more did not die this morning.’ An ambulance spokesman said. ‘There are three in critical care, but most are being treated for shock and minor injuries.


Both main concrete support pillars shattered, and the bridge is now twisted wreckage, blocking the river and causing major disruption.

‘We are confident we will find the terrorist quickly. A team of officers are searching through the surveillance camera footage.’ A police man told us. ‘But we urge regular users of the bridge to come forward if they saw anything suspicious in the last week.’

No one has claimed responsibility, and the local Muslim communities deny any knowledge of this attack.


News articles - Thursday 24th October 2017


Millenium Bridge Death Toll Mounts

The death toll from this latest terror attack increases to six. Four more bodies were discovered when floodlit cranes and cutting machinery on river barges began lifting pieces of the wrecked bridge last night. The victim’s  identities have not been made public, but their families have been contacted.


After Terror comes Disruption

The closed bridge is causing stress to thousands of London commuters. ‘I have an extra forty-five minutes on my commute,’ One woman said. ‘I have to put my children into day care for an extra two hours a day.’

Huge cranes on river barges are working day and night to clear the wreckage but say it will take at least a week before normal river traffic can resume. Some companies estimate they will lose hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Unexpected Swim

Six young Muslim men were fished from the Thames in the early hours of this morning. They are being treated for hypothermia. Police are being drafted in from the counties to ensure no more revenge attacks occur in these stressed communities.


Arup Structural Engineer Report on Millenium Bridge 12th June 2017


Stress fatigue in the central core of both concrete supports has been caused by the unforeseen tidal surges of the past two years.

Failure within the next twelve months – 50%

Result of failure- small cracks followed by explosive collapse.

Prevention – core removal and replacement.

Cost – 10 million pounds


Memo to Millenium Bridge Fund Chairman 29th July 2017

Yearly assessment complete

50% risk of concrete fatigue in next 12 months

Cost to repair -10 million

Full report to follow


Newspaper Report July 30th 2017

Mr Canelly, Chairman of the Millenium Bridge Fund, suffered a fatal heart attack in his office yesterday afternoon. His distraught wife blamed the stress of the job. ‘He was obsessed with the safety of the bridge.’









 Fiction - Stress


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